Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I store my makeup in

Initially, I used this fold out organizer from 'the Container Store'.  I would recommend this for beginners because it has brush holders and 2 zipper pouches which you can store your makeup in.  I no longer store my everyday makeup in this organizer, but I do use this whenever I travel.  
Cost: ~$20 (However, I saw they sell similar products like this at Walmart and Target with a lower price tag!)

As my makeup collection increased,  the above organizer did not hold everything I needed.  I started to use random boxes as shown below to hold my makeup.  The left box is from Hickory Farms when my family received a gift such that this box contained crackers and a sausage.  The box to the right is the shipping box I received when I ordered a product from MAC.  (Please note I kept more makeup products in these boxes than show, but I already transferred my makeup to my next storage organizer.  For this picture, I just placed a few makeup products in the boxes for show.)

My new makeup storage organizer is as shown.  These 2 cases came together and were from Estee Lauder.  I found these in my mom's closet. :)   I think she must have received it as a free gift when she made a purchase.  I put 2 small containers inside to hold certain makeup products and separate them.  The smaller case has brush holder loops that are great to hold some of your brushes!  It also has space to add other makeup in this smaller case.