Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mascara Mascara Mascara

Looking for great eyelashes?? Well, the search continues for many of us, but here are my thoughts on the mascara I have used.

Cover Girl Lash Blast-  I have about 3-5 bottles laying around in my makeup drawer even though I stopped using it! haha.  Each bottle has been used but I haven't thrown them away.  Anyway,  I used this for a long time.  It lengthens, gives some volume, and is BLACK.  2 coats of this and curled lashes makes me not need to apply fake lashes! :)  FYI: Once it dried, my lashes were stiff (not a bad thing for me). My friends commented on my lashes every time I wore this. I got this after purchasing Dior's famous mascara (diorshow?).  I think Cover Girl's is very comparable and similar to Dior's.  I used my Dior only 2 times and didn't like the smell it had when applying- very strong ink like smell.  I recommend trying this.

Rimmel's Eye Magnifier - I used this when I was first starting with makeup and I loved it! It definitely made my eyes look bigger!  It defined and lengthened my lashes.  I stopped using this after awhile because I wanted to try other mascara.  I think this is great for daily use as it's not too dramatic.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara - Some lengthening and defining.  This definitely gives a natural lift/curl to your lashes when applied before curling your lashes.  I loved using this every day as it gave a nice natural look.  

Rimmel Extra Super Lash -  I found this mascara to be very similar to Rimmel Sexy Curves such that it lifted my lashes. This was more lengthening and made my lashes look fuller.  I used this without curling my lashes for a natural look.  It opened my eyes since it lifted my lashes.  Only negative thing I have to say is I felt the mascara didn't last at least 3 months.  It seemed to dry out and smudge after 1-2 months.  I definitely recommend trying this, especially since it's pretty cheap!  I think at Target it was $2.50 .  

L'Oreal Voluminous in carbon black - Very lengthening and thickening mascara!  However, it can get clumpy at times, so have a lash comp handy to brush out the clumps.  I prefer to use this when I really want my lashes to stand out as it's more dramatic.  I received comments that my lashes look like I'm wearing fake eyelashes.  This is very black and delivers a lot of product to your lashes.  Right now, this is my HG!  Give it a try!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie - At first, I hated this mascara.  It didn't seem to live up to its claims.  However,  this is my go to mascara when I choose to wear mascara in the day!  It barely gives my lashes volume or length, but it does a great job at defining my lashes.  I have to say that I hate the packaging.  It's a fat tube with a smooth surface which makes it very uncomfortable to hold the mascara wand and can be slippery.  I dropped the wand twice on my carpet already! :(  Besides all the negative sides to it, the best part is that I don't have to worry about it smudging!  I can wear this for over 8 hours and be guaranteed no smudges!  Therefore, I don't have to worry about checking a mirror every time or wiping underneath my eyes.  Out of all the mascara I have reviewed here, this lasted the longest on my lashes without smudging!  This alone won my heart over for it to be HG!  Unfortunately, it is now discontinued :( .  

These are all the mascaras I have tried.  I purchased these with my own money and am not affiliated with the companies or being paid to endorse these.

Besides these mascaras, I have a some on my list to try that many ladies have been raving about.  These include: 
- Maybelline Full & Soft
- Maybelline XXL <>
- Rimmel (the one in the pink bottle)
- L'Oreal (tubing mascara, the one with a primer)

I don't think I will ever buy again a high end mascara because I found that these drugstore mascaras do a great job!  They are more affordable and deliver very comparable results to high end mascara.