Saturday, February 20, 2010

L'Oreal colour juice lipgloss vs MAC lipglass

I find that L'oreal colour juice lipgloss is very comparable to MAC lipglass.  If you don't want to shell out $14 + tax for MAC lipglass, then save your money and buy L'Oreal's lipgloss!  Regular price of L'Oreal lipgloss is around $7-8, but if you get them on sale they can be as low as $1.75!!  I bought mines from CVS and they were 75% off!  

Both these lipglosses deliver SHINE!  They give you a wet, pouty lip look.  Also, they both smell good! MAC's smells like vanilla and L'oreal's is fruity.  Also, they both seem to have the same texture on the lips, sticky.  I find sticky to be a good thing because I feel they last longer this way.  

Lastly,  both these lipglosses can have shimmer and glitter flecks in them.  When the lipgloss wears off your lip may have some glitter on it.  Is this bad or good?  Can be annoying, but it just means you have to reapply the gloss so the glitter is less noticeable! haha :P  Once the gloss is on, the glitter is barely noticeable.  It's definitely not a glitter bombshell!  

I highly recommend trying these L'Oreal colour juice lipglosses!! I use the one in Caramel & Berry Burst with all my lipsticks!  Some of their glosses barely tint your lips, which makes them great because then you can wear it with all your lipsticks!  All you need is one tube and your set!  And with a low price, you won't have to worry about overusing your lipgloss!  I know with my MAC lipglass I try to save it for special occasions because I feel it runs out quick!