Monday, May 31, 2010


Helloooo! I know I've been MIA once again... I really need to update this.. When I do, I'll have multiple posts so just hang in there!  Anyways, to the good stuff!  I'm going to have my first blog sale!!  These are from MAC TO THE BEACH collection and are SOLD OUT online and at most counters/stores if not all!!

I have MAC MARINE LIFE, MAC THRILLS lipstick, MAC HIPNESS blush! All BRAND NEW AND IN BOX!!!  (Sorry, but I'm not selling internationally at this time).  

***If you are interested in any of these items, please subscribe to my blog and leave a comment on this post stating what you are interested in.  I will contact you further on price and payment through paypal.  I have swapped many times on so if you want to know my username to check my positive tokens I will pass that along to you. :)  Just let me know!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My upcoming first z-palette!

I'm soo excited... I just placed an order for my first z-palette! My first palette that can fit makeup pans of different sizes and from different brands!  After a couple days of contemplating between the z-palette and UNI palette, I went with the z-palette simply because it is larger and can fit more blushes.  The UNI palette can only fit 3 MAC blushes with extra space for 5 MAC eyeshadows.  The z-palette can fit up to 8 MAC blushes from what I heard, after hearing this I was sold as I have more than 3 blushes I would depot and place in a palette of choice.

What ignited my curiosity to invest in one of these palettes?  I received MAC Cantaloupe blush in pan form and needed a place to store it!  Also, I could depot my other blushes and few eyeshadows to place in this palette (but this wasn't major, I wouldn't have mind keeping it in their original containers).  

I'll update more on my palette once it arrives and with lovely pictures of what I stored inside! 

*stay tuned!