Sunday, February 21, 2010

MAC Springshine Blush Ombre


This has been described as brown which in the pan and when swiped with a finger does look brown.  It seemed very unattractive to me and didn't catch my eye at all.  I pre-judged this and put it under my "not to get list" from MAC's new spring collection.  I went to MAC to pick up Ripe Peach blush ombre but they were sold out, in every MAC counter near me and all Nordstroms.  I was sad but determined to not leave empty handed!  I looked at Springshine and swiped it with my finger- "ehhh brown, kind of like a bronzer".  I asked the makeup artist if Springshine would look good on me and she said it would. She said she was wearing it and she liked it a lot.  I had her try it on me, she applied it mostly as a contour, and it seemed ok.  She told me to swirl my brush around the whole compact to grab the light and dark colors.  I ended up buying it.

After wearing this every day since I bought it a few days ago, I love it!  It is very pigmented and one swipe delivers a good amount onto my skin for a natural look.  Also, it blends easily.  I swipe my brush in one circular motion around the pan to grab both colors then I apply this as a contour.  Then, I swipe the lighter color once and apply it over my cheeks like blush.  The finished color I get is a light orange/peach on my cheeks and a light peach-brown where I contoured.  Just beautiful!  If you over looked this blush, I highly suggest checking it out!! This is a great blush and I can see this working for any skin tone!!! This is definitely HG material and if I could buy a back up I would!  (PS. none of the other MAC blushes seemed to work for me whenever the makeup artist applied them, they always oxidized on my skin; or either irritated my skin because they didn't apply true to color, rather it made my skin red or orange.  The only other MAC blush I have is Warm Soul, which works for me.)


Anonymous said...

babe i found someone selling ripe peach on twitter...the link is on my blog