Monday, February 22, 2010

YAYY! Got a new subscriber!! :)

Awww.. I'm so excited!! I have a new subscriber :) .  All this time I wondered if anyone was reading my blog, even though people could be reading it and not becoming a subscriber for their own personal reasons.  It took me a couple months to attempt to make an account so I could add blogs I liked, then I realized as long as I had a gmail account I could add them!  I usually just added them to my bookmarks.  

Anyways, just yayy! This motivates me more to stay on top of my blog!  I wondered how search engines worked when my blog would appear, if it would be among the first page or couple pages down.  Either way,  I hope in the future more people will stumble upon my blog and find the information useful!

Thank you for subscribing!!!