Thursday, April 22, 2010

LOVE MAC Pret-a-Papier!

Don't misjudge MAC Pret-a-Papier til you TRY it on YOUR FACE!! Seriously, the swatches don't do it any justice! 

hmmm yes I LOVE everything I purchased! I can't RAVE enough about it!! Not too brag, but I just think many people are judging it too quickly and not giving it a shot!  It might not make a BOLD statement, but it's lovely :) .  The blushes have lasted for at least 8 hours because it's still on since I tried it on at the counter! If I could afford backups, I would def get garb because I love to contour and I think it's an appropriate daytime contour that's not like "WHAABAAM, that girl gots contour!" haha  I think I am slightly seeing a muted peach/orange tinge to it at times... I guess that's the GOLDEN SUNTAN color, MAC refers to it as.  Well, this will probably hit my local CCO, since it's not popular yet.., so I can get it discounted when it does. :P  I hope I don't tan too much during the summer, or Garb might not work well on me :/.. But, whatevs! I got plenty of bronzers coming my way that'll be for contour! haha Can you tell I love contouring??? :D