Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Transforming the color of a Lipstick!

Did you know.....
 you can achieve different lip color looks with ONE lipstick?? 

Well, that's the beauty of LIPLINERS!!!  

It's amazing how lipliners can transform the color of the way your lipstick looks in the tube!

I made this awesome discovery when I tried on 3 different lipliners with my current favorite lipstick, MAC Jubilee!!  My lipstick mainly took on the color of the lipliner and, in addition, added a nice texture and look.  :)  Also,  in this process, I discovered a dupe for MAC Spirit (satin) lipstick! (stay tuned to find out...)

So, today I had the urge to buy some lipliners!  I bought 3 creme lipliner pencils from Wet n Wild: Brandy Wine-#666, Chestnut-#711, and Willow -#712.  These were only $0.99 each!!

I tried each of these lipliners underneath either MAC Jubilee or MAC Hug Me.
I applied the lipliners all over my lips, not just to outline.  

*I'll post more pictures later this week. 

Brandy Wine (#666) - shimmery medium bronze (This looks great paired with MAC Hug Me.  It makes the lipstick darker and gives a warm brown/bronze look)
This is with 

Picture below:  
WnW Brandy Wine lipliner + Mac Hug Me l/s + L'Oreal Colour Juice l/g in Caramel

Chestnut (#711) - medium matte brown with slight orange/red undertone; similar to an indian brown (This color is the darkest of the 3. This to me is a dupe for MAC Spirit lipstick! But, a hint lighter maybe.) 

Willow (#712) - neutral matte light brown with peach undertone (Great to use for a neutral/nude lip)

All three of these are beautiful!!  I'm already in love with them.  They apply so easily without tugging!  They don't feel drying, but I did moisturize beforehand.  You get a good amount of product; the pencil is 7-8 inches long (that's what she said)!  I bought these at Walgreens and they carried maybe 3-4 more lipliners.  I would definitely recommend trying these, especially since they are sooo cheap!!  Also, they look like they can be dupes to MAC lipliners, especially the WnW Chestnut (but I don't know the names of MAC's nor do I own any, but I saw they have a popular brown/nude one they tend to use on people).