Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: My first MAC palette!!

MAC e/s: (left to right) 1st row- Brule, Arena.  2nd row- Hypnotizing, Graphology

ARENA (satin) - light champagne color, not glittery but does give off a sheen, great for everyday neutral main lid color.  It gives the look of people questioning whether you are wearing e/s or not because your eyes just "pop" which is definitely the look I'm going for and was looking for an e/s color that did just that and finally found it! Can you say HG! :)

HYPNOTIZING (frost) - chameleon effect of colors from purple, mauve, brown, gray;  color reflected may depend on what other colors are used with this e/s; when swiped with finger may come off chunky but definitely did not have that effect with a brush and applied to lid, great unique e/s color to have

GRAPHOLOGY (matte2) - dark bluish purple with hint of gray, very easy to blend, great for outer v or crease, this color is not sold online at MAC and I think is being discontinued but some MAC counters near you may still carry it because that's where I got mine recently, great color for smokey eyes

Tools used to depot e/s:  Hair straightener, metal nail file (single and the one on a nail clipper), magnetic adhesive roll (from Michael's for only $1), Rubbing alcohol (mine was 70% alcohol), qtips, and baking wax sheet (to protect hair straightener from plastic or glue melting on it)
*I youtubed videos to depot e/s and found that using a hair straightener to melt the glue was the easiest and fastest way to do it despite the fumes.  I would highly recommend this technique because it takes less effort and gets the job done quick!  No need for special scissors to cut the plastic or pliers or whatnot.  It actually took a bit more effort and time to take off the excess glue stuck on the e/s pan with alcohol and qtips. 
***For steps on how to do this, just youtube a video that uses a hair straightener.  I used a few slightly different tools:
- metal nail file (single) to remove the e/s from the container, take the e/s pan off, and the e/s sticker
- metal nail file from nail clipper was used to poke through the back of the e/s once the glue was melted to remove it from its black counterpart
- wax paper was placed on straightener plate and e/s was then placed on top of it; this way no glue or plastic or any residue was left on the straightener

The magnetic roll already has an adhesive side which I stuck to the bottom of the e/s pan.  This is sandwiched between the e/s pan and the e/s label (the sticker underneath MAC's e/s container).  To remove this sticker from MAC's e/s container, I put the container with the sticker side placed onto the straightener and let the glue melt, then I used the nail file to remove the sticker by sticking it underneath the sticker.  I stuck the sticker onto the magnet without the use of extra adhesive; the sticker was still sticky after removing it from the container that it didn't need any more to stick to the magnet.
*** If you have any questions on the technique I used or the e/s, please comment.