Monday, May 10, 2010

My upcoming first z-palette!

I'm soo excited... I just placed an order for my first z-palette! My first palette that can fit makeup pans of different sizes and from different brands!  After a couple days of contemplating between the z-palette and UNI palette, I went with the z-palette simply because it is larger and can fit more blushes.  The UNI palette can only fit 3 MAC blushes with extra space for 5 MAC eyeshadows.  The z-palette can fit up to 8 MAC blushes from what I heard, after hearing this I was sold as I have more than 3 blushes I would depot and place in a palette of choice.

What ignited my curiosity to invest in one of these palettes?  I received MAC Cantaloupe blush in pan form and needed a place to store it!  Also, I could depot my other blushes and few eyeshadows to place in this palette (but this wasn't major, I wouldn't have mind keeping it in their original containers).  

I'll update more on my palette once it arrives and with lovely pictures of what I stored inside! 

*stay tuned!