Monday, March 8, 2010

Possible Dupe? MAC Springshine Blush Ombre and NYC Bronzer

Left: MAC Springshine Blush Ombre
Right: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Matte Bronzer 720A Sunny

Today, I found that NYC bronzer in Sunny is similar to MAC Springshine blush 
ombre, shown above. It might not be be obvious from comparing the pictures 
above, but when applied to my skin they almost give the same effect. NYC 
gives a more dull effect compared to MAC's, but not dull in a negative way.  
MAC's gives more POP to my face because I apply the lighter half to the apples 
of my cheek. MAC's is more versatile. However, NYC is still comparable and a 
good dupe for me. Read below for more information.


+ MAC:
- has shimmer in the pan, but is barely noticeable on my skin
- can produce 3 different colors/effects: brown (bottom half), light orange/peach 
(top half), mixed together for peach/brown
- pigmented! one swipe is enough for a light/natural application
- limited edition and pricey: ~$27?
- how I apply? 1. Swirl brush to mix colors and use as a contour (sometimes I'll 
just swipe the dark portion for contouring if I want a darker effect) 2. Apply 
the lighter portion onto the apples of my cheeks and sweep towards my ear

+ NYC:
- no shimmer, it's matte
- only produces one color: light muted peach tan (a little bit darker than the top 
half of MAC's and a little lighter compared to when I mix MAC's together)
- not very pigmented :( takes me at least 3 swipes/application to get the effect I 
- price: cheap cheap cheap! only ~$3
- how I apply: Applied like blush; contour hollows of my cheeks and apply on my 
cheeks and sweep towards ear (to make your pops cheek, apply a light blush
on top of the apples of your cheek

* Unfortunately, I can't show you a swatch of NYC's because it's not pigmented 
enough for me to swatch with my finger, despite multiple tries. But, it does apply 
fine with a brush onto my skin.