Sunday, April 11, 2010

UPDATE! Blog makeover!


Wow, so it's been a few weeks since I blogged... Sorry! I been busy studying and had to avoid clouding my memory with MAKEUP MAKEUP MAKEUP... But I'm BAACK!! 

As you can see, I'm trying a new background... What do you think?? or should I revert back to the white background?? I tried to find something fun and colorful but I couldn't find anything.  I googled free blog backgrounds and finally came to this.  To see more blog backgrounds from this creator, click the text on the left corner "I love my blog makeover!".

Besides that, I am going to try to blog more often.  I accumulated more makeup so I have more to talk about! Also, I'll try to take clearer pictures, but usually I just find it faster to use my cell phone camera.  I forgot to mention in my previous blogs that you can click on the pictures, which will open it in a separate window and you'll see the picture clearer.  When I post pictures on my blog they may seem unclear because I uploaded them to be somewhat transparent on my page so the colors are not as vivid.  So, please click on the pictures for a better view. :)

My last update is that I have been swapping on makeupalley and so far I'm having all great experiences!! Swapping is trading makeup or other goodies with other members on makeupalley.  I'm loving it and getting kind of addicted.... It's a great way to find limited edition makeup and try to swap for it!  I'm really excited to receive some swap items in the mail this coming week because they are limited edition makeup that came out last year!! I missed out on them because I wasn't into makeup then... But, now I been actively finding who has the makeup I missed out on that I really want to try on makeupalley!  Members post makeup and other goodies that they have up for swap and members also have a wishlist of items they would want. Some are wishlist only whereas others don't mind looking at the swap items you have to see if there's anything that interests them to swap for the item you want!  I'm enjoying it and I even made my first makeupalley friend!!! :)  She is soo sweet and awesome!! 

Ok, well this is it for tonight.  I will post again tomorrow, "My new found loves"!  Stay tuned!